1. Stormwater is killing the world. I bought a 20 year Federal Clean Water Act lawsuit because of it. and wrote a book about it “Evolution of Pollution” Our rivers and streams are inundated with stormwater all of which finds its way into the oceans, causing the oceans to become inundated with plastic. As the plastic breaks down it absorbs PCB’s and is being ingested by phytoplankton. It has taken billions of years for phytoplankton to create all life on earth, it’s the beginning of the food chain and produces most of our oxygen. Phytoplankton has diminished by 40% in my lifetime. Our oceans are hypoxic and vomiting up life forms all over the world as a consequence of this. Our atmospheric oxygen level is generally at 21% and falling. If it falls by 3% it’s over for us. It is imminent and irreversible. Combine this fact with deforestation for animal production and one billion cars on the road that pump 20 pounds of toxins into the atmosphere for every gallon of fuel they burn and it becomes obvious we will not have to wait for global warming as we face a toxic, hypoxic event. Think of it as being in a garage with the car running and the door is closing. The fumes will kill you long before the motors heat.


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Straight from the Horse's Heart

forward by R.T. Fitch ~unopinionated president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation/
unedited release by Tom Gorey ~ BLM

Stacked Appointed Board Members Favor Slaughter While Ignoring Public Input

“Say what you may, if you have ever attended a BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting you have probably walked away with the feeling that you, an American Tax payer, had just been treated like an idiot school child and regardless of your expertise or credentials, the horse slaughter, cattle and hunting special interest group is going to say what they want and do what they planned, anyway.  It is disheartening and possibly illegal as the hand picked bunch has one thing and one thing only on their agenda, to get rid of the wild equine.

You can read their unedited press release, below, but it carries the normal spin of how the BLM “cares” and is in existence…

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So cup in hand the auto executives have gotten their wish. Maybe it’s Congress that should be care-full what it wishes for. The restructuring of the auto industry so we all get the cars we want. But what is it we do want? Do we want the hyped car they are convincing us we want the CHEVY VOLT? Are we stuck on stupid? How is it better to cut the tops off our mountains with giant earth movers, transport mile long trains full of coal to extremely polluting coal fired power plants so we can plug in our Chevy Volt for 6 hours to drive it 20 miles? I realize the worlds supply of oil is finite but it’s best suited for personal transportation. Wouldn’t it be better to power our “CLEAN DIESEL” with 10 gallons of oil from a hole in the ground and drive 60o miles with a car that has good heat, air conditioning, and performance all while emitting far less green house gas then the VOLT? We talking about a efficiency differential of 100%. The Chevy Volt will get its energy from a 18% efficient polluting power plant. The Clean Diesel will get about 40% efficiency. Why is it the men entrusted to our best interests seem to either be corrupt or inept?  I for one would rather see windmills on top of mountains, not treeless flat wastelands that leach toxins into our rivers while sending CO2 into our atmosphere. We should be care-full what we wish for because to get to 100 years from now the transition should be what works, not more of the same.

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